I figured I would just jump right in and not bury the lede. This book is finally done! It was difficult to write and I’m peobaby going to do my usual after action report, but it’s done and you can buy it for $1.99 for a limited time! 

Here’s the blurb... it’s been a while so you might have forgotten, lol. 


Camden Police Officer Levi Alistar Raymond has a Superman complex. He is determined to serve and protect—even if that means, risking his career to support his girlfriend, Ava Marie in making sure the cop who murdered her friend is brought to justice. Good cops do exist but if good cops stand by and allow the bad cops to harass, abuse, and kill the very people they are meant to serve and protect, they are not good cops.

They're accomplices.


Falling in love with a cop was the last thing Ava wanted or needed in her life, but somehow, loving Levi came to her as naturally as breathing. Keeping their relationship intact while everything in the world seems to want to pull them apart feels impossible, but she is determined to be the wind in his cape, no matter what adversity they face. 


That cover is still dreamy AF if I do say so myself.  

Bloggers and reviewers (especially those rich in melanin) please get in touch if you’d like a review copy! 

Now to state the obvious...

I moved house! My site was previously on Wordpress, but I recently made the move to Squarespace for two reasons. The first is that I’m not a web designer and keeping my site over there was beginning to require more knowledge about coding than I wanted to acquire. The second reason is that squarespace makes everything so easy! I love it! 

The only regret is that I had over 2k in blog followers over there, but hey, I can make y’all love me again, right? 

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