Writing can be one of the most solitary activities...

I'm often surprised by how enriching the world and characters that I have created can be. Truth be told, I would rather spend time with them than in the real world more times than not. But when I find my characters uncooperative or my plot is full of holes I can't seem to fill, I like to talk it out with my favorite writing buddy, Kate. Sometimes a good FaceTime session with her will help me hash it all out and it is much easier than trying to work through it on my own.

However, I know how it can be hard to find that good writing buddy to gab with on a random Friday night. And that's why I created #50for50.

What's #50for50?

50 min brainstorming session for 50 bucks. This service is designed to help romance authors jumpstart a new project, or breath life into a stagnant one. In those fifty minutes chat via skype, FB messenger, or imessage about any blocks you may have encountered while writing your romance.

Slots are limited! Get on my schedule by entering your info below!