I co-host a podcast with my good friend Kate Newburg called Lady Books!

We’re currently recording Season Two: Leveling up with will go live on May 9th. Anticipate lots of good info on digging into different ways to promote, publish, and level your writing the fuck up. Until then, feel free to catch up on season one!


Here are a few other places you can catch me running my yap about books and writing…


Every year November 1 brings the same question to writers: to NaNo or not to NaNo?

Tasha Harrison and I dive in to NaNo 2.0: tips and hacks for writers looking to do more than just bang out 50,000 of a brand new project. Already working on a book? Great. We'll walk you through ways to approach the madness of NaNoWriMo so you come out the other side with something you're proud of.

Here's hoping you're ready for a major jolt of inspiration!

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On this episode I chat with Rachael Herron

We talk about everything from process journals, to tarot, to nerdy processes that make my spine tingle in extra special ways. It was an awful good time!

I had an amazing time chatting with Olivia and Meghan!

We talked about my writing journal and the process of writing…

Noticing a pattern here?

This interview with Nicole Falls was hilarious!

And it features a tale about traveling via Greyhound that has put me off taking any sort of long bus trip ever again! And I mean NEVER!