The Basic Character Creation Workbook


The Basic Character Creation Workbook


When a reader picks up your book, you have about two pages to get them to care about your story.

If it's an e-book sample, that shrinks down to a couple of paragraphs. While they're reading, there's one question in their mind. That question is...

"Why should I care?"

Harsh, right? But that's the reality of things. You have to hook your reader within those first two pages, and the quickest way to do that is to create compelling, relatable, and memorable characters.

1️⃣ Compelling characters that evoke interest and draw the reader into the world you've created.

2️⃣ Relatable characters who are flawed and vulnerable in ways that the reader can either see in themselves or in people that they know.

3️⃣ Memorable characters stay with your reader long after they close the book.

How do you make all of this happen?

You--the author--need to fall in love with your character first. You do that by learning everything there is to know about them.

The Basic Character Creation Workbook is 76-pages of in-depth character study that will produce a fleshed out, fully realized character.

In The Basic Character Creation Workbook you will get:

🔶 The 5 basic characters That Every Book Needs

🔶 The Basic Bio

🔶 Develop a Basic Premise

🔶 Discover Your Character's Central Problem

🔶 Goal & Motivation, Conflict

🔶 The Character Arc

🔶 and How to Use Your Backstory

This workbook can be used to craft your protagonist, antagonist, and all of your secondary characters in a way that will make your story rich and multilayered.

Are you ready to craft unforgettable, compulsively readable characters?

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What people are saying…

If, when you begin using this guide, you begin to whine, curse, throw things, mutter 'I have NO IDEA'... it's a sign that you're doing it right.

This guide assists writers in determining those pesky little facts that make our characters more interesting, more three dimensional and it gives them history. Did you know your hero was allergic to bees, so he runs screaming in the other direction if he sees one? ? Did you know your heroine's grandmother was a suffragette, so it's only natural that she is active in local government? Obviously the hero and heroine should meet at a local rally, where he's stung by a bee!

The when, where, HOW and WHY of your character's intricacies are all waiting to be explored. This workbook helps you bring them out. In some cases, dig them out, like an excavation. You don't have to do the whole thing, answer every question, but with every question, a piece of your character's back story is established. History is what makes a person, so discover your characters!

-D. L. White, author of Brunch at Ruby’s