To be a successful Romance Author, You Need to Know The Romance Genre Basics.

And it’s more than just drooling over man-titty and panty-melting sex scenes. (Although…let’s be honest, that is the best part of it.)

There are lots of books, blogs, and courses out there that can teach you how to write — hell, I even created one. But one thing that these courses — including mine — don't offer is the type of feedback you need to implement what you have learned. 

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In The Romance Writer Workshop We Will:

  • Learn about the tropes, themes, and conventions of the romance genre

  • Learn how to read like a romance writer

  • Structure and fine-tune your writing process, so you can finally finish writing your novel. You probably don’t have a writing process yet, but it’s cool, I’ll let you borrow mine until you develop one of your own!

  • Master the fundamental building blocks of every story – the scene

  • Progressively build tension throughout your story to keep readers turning the pages

  • Craft compulsively readable characters with strong motivations that readers will relate to and love

  • Create a compelling setting for your story — yes, even contemporary romance has world building

  • Structure your writing with three act plot structure and break it down into beats

  • Learn to write dreamy first kisses and scorching hot sex scenes

  • Develop a solid writing practice that you can use on other projects

  • Establish friendships that will support you throughout your writing career!

You should join the Romance Writer Workshop if:

  • If you feel like you’re unsure of romance genre expectations and conventions

  • If you have your hero and heroine and some plot ideas, but you're not sure how get their story on the page.

  • If you're not sure how to spot a trope or how to write it.

  • If you have a love for writing, and reading all things romance!

Who am I and why should you listen me?

I’m Tasha L. Harrison, a romance and erotica author, freelance editor, and creative entrepreneur dedicated to helping word makers become authors. 

One of the reasons why I created Romance Writers Workshop is that I remember how it felt to be an newbie author, scouring the Internet for answers to all of my romance writing related questions and piecing together what I found into something that would help me get started. I spent a lot of money and time acquiring this knowledge and I want to pay it forward by giving new and aspiring authors a head start! Its my sincere hope that The Romance Writer's Workshop becomes a place where you can improve your romance genre IQ and learn how to implement, and perfect the skills you acquire.

Are you ready to start writing stories together?

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